At Abuko, we go beyond the basics, offering advanced training programs for passionate individuals eager to elevate their pottery skills. Our advanced courses delve into intricate techniques, and personalized projects, providing a platform for experienced artists to push the boundaries of their creativity.

Specialized Techniques Mastery

Our advanced training focuses on mastering specialized pottery techniques, offering in-depth instruction in wheel throwing, hand-building methods, and intricate sculptural forms.

Personalized Project Development

Tailor your artistic journey with personalized projects that challenge and inspire. Our advanced training allows you to bring your creative visions to life under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Exploration of Firing Methods

The traditional fire method of pottery-making involves building and using kilns that are constructed by hand, often using locally available materials. We offer how to build and use the traditional fire method.

Professional Critiques and Feedback

Elevate your skills through constructive critiques and feedback from seasoned instructors. Receive guidance on refining your technique, honing your style, and preparing your work for exhibitions or personal portfolios.

Access to Equipment

Our advanced training programs grant access to specialized pottery tools and equipment. Explore the possibilities offered by materials, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the craft


 Advanced training programs often foster connections within the pottery community. Participants have the chance to interact with other advanced students, visiting artists, and professionals, expanding their network and exposure in the field.