Youth engagement is a vital aspect of the Abuko Pottery Center’s mission, as it aims to pass down the rich tradition of Gambian pottery to the next generation while instilling a sense of cultural pride and heritage. Here’s a closer look at how the center engages with young people.

Educational Programs

The Abuko Pottery Center actively collaborates with local schools and youth organizations to offer specialized educational programs. These programs include field trips to the center, where students can witness the pottery-making process firsthand. These visits are often combined with interactive demonstrations and workshops to make learning engaging and memorable.

Hands-On Workshops

The center hosts dedicated pottery workshops for children and teenagers. These workshops are designed to be age-appropriate, ensuring that young participants can grasp the basics of pottery while having fun. They get to experience the joy of working with clay, creating their pottery pieces under the guidance of skilled instructors.

Creative Expression

Pottery provides an excellent avenue for self-expression and creativity. Young participants are encouraged to explore their artistic abilities, experiment with shapes and colors, and create pottery pieces that reflect their unique vision. This process fosters a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-esteem.

Cultural Education

Beyond pottery techniques, youth engagement programs often include lessons on the cultural significance of pottery in Gambia. Participants learn about the historical role of pottery in the region, its ties to tradition, and its importance in daily life.

Community Involvement

Young people are encouraged to participate in community events and exhibitions organized by the center. This involvement not only showcases their creations but also instills a sense of responsibility and community pride. It helps them understand how their pottery contributes to preserving Gambian culture.

Apprenticeship and Skill Development

For older youths who show a keen interest in pottery, the center may offer apprenticeship opportunities. This hands-on training allows them to work alongside experienced artisans, honing their skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the craft.